Surveying Services

We offer a variety of services to individual building owners and also professionals involved in Real Estate, Housing, Construction, Insurance and Legal markets.

Home Surveys

Bespoke, detailed, high quality survey reports.

We have a system in place for excellent consultation and communication. Prior to the survey we have a detailed conversation to establish what are the important issues and what survey is required. We call immediately after the survey to give feedback and discuss any issues. After we have issued our report we then make a further phone call to discuss any points that require special attention.

We undertake surveys of all buildings. We also specialise in detailed and complex surveys on building which have suffered structural movement, larger, heritage, dilapidated or modern 'one off' Architect designed houses.

Expert Witness

RICS Chartered Surveyors and LETAPAEWE accredited experts.

We accept instructions to act as party appointed Expert and Single Joint Expert.

We provide independent reports and Civil Procedure Rules Part 35 compliant reports. We are aware of the Experts overriding duty to the court.

We provide expert witness reports on, building disputes, domestic construction and workmanship disputes on extensions etc, building insurance claims disputes on causation and scope of repair, landlord and tenant disputes and housing disrepair claims .

Defect Reports

We undertake site surveys and provide reports on building defects. If required we arrange for and report on detailed opening up works, investigation and monitoring.

We provide advice on defective workmanship, roof issues, ventilation, mould, damp, timber decay, inadequate lateral restraint, wall tie corrosion and roof spread to name a few.

Drone surveys

Our small lightweight drones can be operated anywhere, including in city centres.

We can now use drones to access the roofs of all types of buildings. This is safer for our surveyors and convenient and cost effective for our clients.

Party Wall

Free plans checking service to building owners and professionals.

As a qualified member of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors we undertake a full service on all aspects relating to the
Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

Serve notices in an agency capacity and act as Party Wall Surveyor in the event of a dispute to prepare Schedules of Condition and Party Wall Awards.


We have a wealth of experience with Insurance subsidence claims, but nonetheless our opinions are always independent, robust and impartial.

We assist to determine causation of damage. We arrange for and report on detailed ground investigation, monitoring and repairs.

Insurance Projects

We have a wealth of experience with Building Insurance claims as independent consultants and project managers.

We assist Building owners, Loss Adjusters, Brokers and Insurers to determine causation of damage. We arrange for and report on detailed opening up works, ground investigation and monitoring.

We provide detailed Schedules of Work to accurately assist with establishing the scope of peril related damage. We are experienced in fire, flood, escape of water, earthquake, subsidence and impact damage.


We undertake the role of Principal Designer under the CDM regulations.

We undertake competitive tendering, advise on construction contracts and provide full Design and Contract Administration services to see a project through to completion.

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