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Spray Foam insulation issues - building surveyor

Spray foam insulation for houses

Issues related to spray foam in a house.  

Spray foam is a type of insulation used in some buildings over the last few of decades. It is a liquid that is sprayed on and expands to provide a layer of insulation.

Pushy sales tactics, poor installation, useless warranties and difficulty obtaining mortgage lending have brought media attention to this type of insulation.

Here are a few typical examples of when it causes problems. 

  • You’ve found your dream home and cannot get a mortgage because of this type of insulation. 
  • You’re selling your home and the buyer cannot get a mortgage.
  • Your home has been insulated with it and there is potential damage to the timber roof structure.

What can you do if you have spray foam in your house?

Occasionally mortgage providers will not lend because a property has spray foam insulation. Sometimes they will insist it is removed and other times they will ask for a report.

Our clients have been reassured by our independent reports on several occasions.

  • When it had been removed, we investigated and provided a report to confirm to the mortgage lenders satisfaction that the removal has been completed successfully. Unfortunately, the removal process can cause damage to other parts of the roof and we can make recommendations for repairs.

  • Conversely, after investigations we were able to provide a report confirming that the ten plus year old ‘open cell’ spray foam roof insulation had caused no problems. 
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Why is it a big problem?  


Retrospectively installing spray foam loft insulation is a significant modification and can change how your building performs.

  • It could cost more to heat your home than alternative types of loft insulation.
  • Installation costs are likely to be far higher than other types of loft insulation.
  • It could block ventilation and cause condensation.
  • It can contribute to the decay of timbers

If you are thinking about using it then you will need to use a professional company approved by the manufacturer of the product.
You will need a warranty that covers the design and installation in addition to just the spray foam product itself.

Watch out for cold calling and pushy sales tactics. If you feel under pressure or are just not quite sure, please feel welcome to contact us at AIM Surveying before committing to make the purchase.

If you already have spray foam or are buying a house with it, we would be pleased to investigate and provide you with advice.


If you have any concerns about your property then click here to contact our Building Surveyors. 

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