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RICS Chartered Surveyors providing bespoke, detailed, high quality survey reports. 

Home Surveys

When you have found what you think may be your dream home, it is time to get in touch to arrange for your survey to be done.

There have been many occasions when we have identified defects which have expensive implications. We have also identified construction issues with loft conversions and extensions for example. With a survey, you will be aware before you commit to buying.

Where there is a will there is a way to overcome problems and our reports will help you understand the issues, and how to constructively arrange for issues to be addressed or fairly negotiate on price.

What to expect from AIM Surveying

Bespoke, detailed, high quality survey reports.

You should expect our firm opinions on complex issues. We pride ourselves on not making heavy caveats nor making recommendations for other specialists unless this is absolutely essential.

We have a system in place for excellent consultation and communication.
- Prior to the survey a detailed conversation would be undertaken to establish what are the important issues and what type of survey is required.
- We call immediately after the survey to give feedback and discuss any issues.
- After we have issued our report, we then make a follow up phone call to check if any points require special attention.

We undertake surveys on any type of buildings. We also specialise in detailed and complex surveys on buildings which have suffered structural movement, larger homes, listed buildings, dilapidated, damp or modern 'one off' houses.

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Our Surveys

Our surveys are bespoke in house formats. They are comparable with the well known RICS Building Survey (Level 3 survey) and the RICS HomeBuyer Survey (Level 2 survey).

We also offer other bespoke surveys which are very cost effective and fill the gaps in between the standardised RICS report formats. The scope of these bespoke surveys can be focused on your exact requirements. These are listed below.

Full Building Survey

A detailed top to bottom Survey of the building, site, immediate grounds, and outbuildings.

This gives detailed advice on
- How to repair or improve on visible and potentially hidden defects
- Timescales for undertaking work and consequences of not doing so
- An additional prioritised list for urgent and important works
- Estimated repair costs
- Insulation and energy performance

A Full Building Survey is most beneficial when the buyer really wants a thorough understanding of what they are buying. This is especially true for properties which are older, unusual, badly damaged or dilapidated, although it can be done for any property.

The report can be very useful if large scale refurbishment or extension works are to be undertaken.

We offer other level 3 Surveys as follows

Fundamental Survey

We have come to find that this is one of our most popular surveys. It offers detailed level 3 advice with firm recommendations.

Covering those things that a buyer often needs professional advice on. The roof coverings and chimneys, the structural condition throughout the whole building and advice on any dampness.

It does not cover windows, doors, joinery, general decoration nor does it comment on the site or surroundings. As it sounds, it covers the most important ‘fundamental’ parts of the buildings.

It can be tailored to include permanent outbuildings or anything else that requires attention.

This survey is appropriate for any building including older and badly dilapidated properties.

Chartered Surveyors - Nottingham
Structural Survey

A survey limited exclusively to the structure. That being the roof, the walls, and the floor structures. It can include any outbuildings or retaining walls.

This survey is appropriate if the purchaser is planning a substantial renovation with a new roof covering for example. Or it can be that the buyer is confident with everything they can see for themselves but needs reassurance regarding distortions and cracking.

Specific Defect Survey

A cost effective survey which provides advice on a specific area of concern. A sagging roof, damp, structural cracking, or mould in the roof space for example.

Damaged chimney
AIM Home Buyers Survey

At level 2, the advice provided is generally briefer than a full building survey. This would describe just the visual defects but not provide such detailed advice on repair options, timings, or costings. The onsite inspection is less intrusive and would not include lifting of carpets or moving loft insulation for example.

This survey is appropriate for modern, conventional buildings constructed with common materials, or buildings which are in good condition.

Modern house building survey - Nottinghamshire

We are based in Nottingham so we can easily visit your property in Derby, Leicester, Mansfield, Sheffield, Grantham, Peterborough, Lincoln, Newark and around the East Midlands.