Expert Witness Surveyor

Chartered Surveyor and Qualified Expert Witness based in Nottingham.

Expert Witness Surveyors

We are able to provide evidence of opinion on a variety of building disputes.

Qualified and experienced as a Chartered surveyor expert witness with RICS.

We are also a qualified expert witness with the Advanced Professional Award in Expert Witness Evidence (LETAPEWE).

What to expect from AIM Surveying

Robust professional opinions on complex matters. We understand our obligations to the court.

We can provide expert witness reports and CPR 35 compliant reports on a variety of building disputes for example.
- Landlord and tenant disputes and housing disrepair claims
- Construction disputes on new builds and extensions
- Window installations for example
- Building insurance claims disputes

Initial free phone/video consultation

Within an initial consultancy we will ensure that there are no conflicts of interest. We will then establish what matters are at the core of the dispute and ensure that these matters are within our areas of expertise to advise on.

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Civil Procedure Rules Part 35 (CPR 35)

If the dispute is likely to go to court, then we can provide a court compliant report. A CPR 35 report.

RICS Surveyors acting as expert witnesses.

We produce our reports in line with the RICS Practice Statement. This includes the appropriate declarations and statements of truth.

We hold ourselves to the highest professional standards as well as being aware of our duty to the court.

Housing Disrepair Claims

Housing disrepair claims can arise in landlord and tenant disputes.

There are specific criteria that the court will consider. Some important legislation and guidance is listed below.

Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018

The Homes Act is an Act to amend the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 to require that residential rented accommodation is provided and maintained in a state of fitness for human habitation; and for connected purposes.

Landlord and Tenant Act 1985

The amended section 10 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 lists matters which must be considered regarding the condition of the dwelling.

Section 11 of the Act details Repairing obligations in short leases.

Pre-Action Protocol for Housing Conditions Claims (England)

Before any action is brought to court, the protocol should be followed.

Single joint expert

We can provide single joint expert reports. This is appropriate where the matters in dispute are relatively simple or of a relatively modest value.

Commonly the court order that the fees in preparing the report are split equally between the parties to the dispute.

Party appointed expert

For disputes of greater complexity and of a larger value, it may be more appropriate to have experts appointed for each of the parties to the dispute.

We can provide party appointed expert witness reports, attend expert meetings and provide verbal evidence.

We are based in Nottingham so we can easily visit your property in Derby, Leicester, Mansfield, Sheffield, Grantham, Peterborough, Lincoln, Newark and around the East Midlands.