Drone Surveys

Our drones are operated by qualified Surveyors to provide an expert pair of eyes to find damage and defects quickly, cost effectively and safely.

Drone Roof Surveys and Building Inspections

Our small lightweight drones can be operated anywhere, including in city centres.

We can now use drones to access the roofs of all types of buildings. This is safer for our surveyors and convenient and cost effective for our clients.

We can provide a full set of high-resolution images and 4K video, and an annotated report from our qualified surveyors.

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Drone survey and rood inspections - Nottinghamshire
What is a drone Survey?

A drone survey is when an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), often known as a drone, is used to deploy downward-facing cameras to collect aerial data. Drones are increasingly being used in the survey sector because they offer a quick, affordable, and significantly safer means to gather highly precise data.

Surveying a roof, chimney, or other high structure may be an expensive endeavour before aerial inspections with UAVs. Drone inspections of structures like roofs, chimneys, cathedrals, enormous buildings, and tall towers no longer necessitate the use of scaffolding or mechanical lifters thanks to the usage of licenced pilots.

High-resolution video footage taken by drones can be used to get a bird's-eye view without having to pay to rent an aircraft. As opposed to erecting scaffolding and access platforms, surveys carried out in this manner are also more economical, quicker, and present fewer health and safety issues. They are currently recognised as a practical method for surveying transmission towers and powerlines for example. They significantly lower risk and enhance safety outcomes by doing away with manual "at-height" working.

Drones can collect topographic data up to five times more quickly and with less labour than traditional methods.

To ensure that the project is carried out safely and lawfully, our surveyors are trained and qualified UAV pilots and will carry out an initial assessment, secure the necessary aviation approvals, and perform the flight accordingly.

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Who do we work with?

Many of our clients benefit from drone surveys. Here are some of the sectors are clients work in.

·        Residential property owners

·        Property management companies

·        Chartered surveyors

·        Property professionals

·        Local authorities

We can provide a full set of high-resolution images and 4K video, and an annotated report from our qualified surveyors.

If you need a drone survey then click here to get in touch.

Benefits of using a drone survey for roof and building surveys

Unlike more expensive traditional methods such as scaffolding, ladders, or hiring access equipment, our drones can provide you with a cost-effective, quick, and safe solution to locating problems on a roof or building.

The drones we use weigh less than 250 grams, and our drones can shoot clear, sharp images.

Insured and CAA Licenced Operators and qualified Surveyors.

A few more reasons our clients choose drones for roof surveys.

  •  Minimal disruption to residents
  •  Quality photos and video
  •  The surveyor can cross reference photos from the drone with   maps/reports
  •  The drone can get to areas of the roof that are hard to reach

Although it is worth noting that some areas close to airfields, military sites, or certain areas of protected wildlife can have extra restrictions, costs, and/or flight planning and requests involved. 

We are based in Nottingham so we can easily visit your property in Derby, Leicester, Mansfield, Sheffield, Grantham, Peterborough, Lincoln, Newark and around the East Midlands.

we are on the Dronesafe register